Liliya Gaysina. Soprano


Liliya has her first professional degree in choral conducting. Nowadays she is a student of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory's vocal department (by famous Russian singer Irina Maslennikova). As a soloist Liliya performs with different Russian orchestras such as "Musica viva" and "Veritas". Her stage experience includes modern theater and opera productions.


Yulia Mikkonen. Alto


Moscow-born, and currently based in Vienna, Yulia studied at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory at diploma and postgraduate levels, specialising in choral conducting and vocal performance. Since 1998, Yulia has taught choral conducting, vocal ensemble and musical arrangement at Gnessin's college in Moscow, since 2007 she works for the the early music ensemble The Bach Consort of Moscow as a singer and artistic director. In 2009-10 she completed her studies at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, specializing in Renaissance polyphonic repertoire, and has since been involved in several concert and recording projects with various European ensembles such as Ars Moriendi, Insula Magica and Basiliensis.


Andrey Krasavin. Tenor


Andrey lives in Moscow and works in Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in the field of quantum physics. He is interested also in baroque singing, and studied under Kai Wessel and Ute von Garczynski at Austria Barock Akademie.


Anton Tutnov. Bass


Anton was born in Moscow and currently lives in Vienna. He studied mathematics and holds a doctorate of technical sciences. Pursuing his passion for singing, Anton has studied with the likes of Evelyn Tubb, Ute von Garczynski and Kai Wessel. As a soloist and consort musician, he works regularly with two ensembles: The Bach-Consort (Moscow) and Basiliensis (London). Recent stage appearances include roles in The Beggar's Opera (Pepush) and Acis and Galatea (Handel). Anton Tutnov works as director for Moscow Bach-consort.